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opening VW9 files in AutoCAD 14

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David, a few tips:

1. DWG/DXF export is view sensitive. If you're in plan view, 2D stuff will be exported. If you're in a 3D view, 3D stuff will be exported.

2. I don't know what version of VW you're using, but DXF export is one feature that is improved in virtually every version. So, especially for DWG (but in general also), later is better.

3. If you want more general exposure for this problem, you might try posting it on the VectorWorks General discussion list, instead of the VW Architect list. Our DXF/DWG experts prowl that list.

HTH, Robert

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There is one other reason they may not be able to view them. If you are on a mac, the file extension does not save to the end of the file as is necessary on a PC platform. Simply tell the PC folks to add .dxf or .dwg to the end of the file (of course, the correct file ending is important) and they should be able to open them from within AutoCad 14. They may not be able to double click on the file to open them.

Another common problem is if you are emailing the files to the AutoCad folks. If you are on a Mac, some emila programs will convert the files to a binary format or stuff them as a .sit file. Check your email settings to see if either of these are occuring. WinZip (similar to stuffit expander) should be able to unstuff the .sit files. If the file is a .bin, then the user may be able to change the file extension appropriatly to .dxf/.dwg and then open from within VW. There have been a few, very few cases where the PC user was not able to convert the .bin file to the correct file type due to the encoding done by the mac email program. It is important to check the email settings.

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