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wall surface area

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Well there is a VectorScript function you can use, FUNCTION CalcSurfaceArea(solidObject :HANDLE) :REAL;

It will return the complete surface area of any object that can be rendered as a 3D object. This includes the top and bottom of the object as well as additional sides created by the openings for windows and doors.

If you want more detailed and more accurate numbers for your surface area, you can run the wall framing command in the Model menu. It can generate a worksheet which includes the Surface Area.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Thanks for the reminder! I have a set of scripts for wall quantification and costing that were intended to go into public domain. You should be able get them in a few weeks' time from VectorDepot. I just have to check that they work with VW 9 & have some documentation.

They are based on the use of worksheets.

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