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Reporting from Stakes

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I am a boundary surveyor and spend my time trying to sort out peoples problems with the location of their boundary lines. I align my surveys to the (UK) OS National Grid and if we submit the findings to the Land Registry I need to know the Eastings and Northings for each change in direction the boundary line takes. No Z coordinate, only X and Y.

Using the Stake tool makes marking these changes in direction really easy, what I would like to do is create a report for each Stake instance with a number and the two coordinates in. Nothing fancy, just three columns.

Try as I might I cannot find a way of doing this, is anyone out there able to help, or to suggest another way I can gather this information?

VW2020 SP6 on Windows10


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Not tested in VW2020, but very easy in 2021 and I think the same in 2020.


Create a worksheet.

In the worksheet right click on a row header (I usually start with Row 3 as this leaves room to add labels above) and choose Create Report. You will get a dialog box that looks similar to the one in the picture below.


Set the Basic Criteria to Object With a Record and the Record you are looking for a Stake.

In the Columns Section, choose Records:Stake and then in the left hand window scroll down until you Find ID then hit the Add>> button.

Change the Select From to Functions. Scroll down to find XCoordinate and YCoordinate and Add>>

Click the OK button. 

You should now have a database of all of the stakes in the drawing with their X and Y positions.


Ask again if you need more help.




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Works like a treat, and I have learned a lot, but ... unfortunately the latitude and longitude values are not accessible (they are different to the inserted X and Y position). I think they must be calculated as part of the Stake function itself and inserted as a text string rather than stored as a retrievable value. Shame.

Presumably if I can discover the conversion factors I can create a custom function/calculation.

Persistence is key!


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It looks like Lat and Long are in the stake object but hidden. You can type an equals followed by the following text in any database header row Call(ie. 3, not 3.1, 3.2 etc).


='Stake Object'.'Latitude'

='Stake Object'.'Longitude'

='Stake Object'.'Latitude WGS84'

='Stake Object'.'Longitude WGS84'

='Stake Object'.'Easting'

='Stake Object'.'Northing'


You can enter this in place of the XCoordinate/YCoordinate formulas.

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I am in VW2021, so it is probable that this is something that was added in 2021 that neither of you have in 2020.  :-(


At least Latitude and Easting work for me. I have not tested the others.


But try typing it in instead of copy/paste. Perhaps there are hidden characters from the forum that we can't see that are making VW think it is something different.



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