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Font Style in Hyperlink

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Using hyperlinks for the first time...

How can I change the Hyperlink font and style? It does not conform to the class defaults.

Is it possible to use the hyperlink inside a callout - or is it a separate object that I need to physically draw an arrow to the object?





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Hyperlinks are actually based on symbols, so to edit the look of a hyperlink you have to edit its symbol. Double click on the hyperlink object, or find the "Edit..." button in the Object Info Pallet. You can then edit the existing symbol or create a new one. Editing the symbol lets you edit how the symbols looks, including adding other geometry if wanted. Changing the attributes of the text object "#Hyperlinktext#" changes how the text will appear. So here's where you can change text color, font, or class of the text so that it conforms to the class's attributes.


As far as if it is possible to have a hyperlink inside a callout...I can't find a way to make it happen (quickly, at least). Hyperlinks and Callouts are two different PIOs, and callouts don't use symbols, so I'm not sure how to get a hyperlink inside a Callout object. As a work-around, you could create a Hyperlink symbol that looks like a Callout, like the one below (you are constrained by how many characters of text you can have fit within the rectangle though). Or, you could use callouts as Keynotes and place the hyperlinks on top of the keynote legend...just a couple possibilities. With enough experimenting you can probably find a solution that will fit your needs.





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