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Object Browser - 08_Drs_French.mcd


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In the 2d selection tool, there is a mode call Enable Wall Insertion mode. Please make sure this mode is pressed in, turned on.

When you insert a wall or window, make sure you are getting the object cursor cue and not a point cursor cue. The object let's you know you are ON the wall and the door will insert. When you select the door, it should read Simple or Complex Door 2 in wall as the object type. If it just read Simple door or something iwthout "in wall", then the object is not in the wall and will not cut the wall.

The other thing to check - When you insert a door, in the OIP you should use a break other than "no break". This obviously will not break the wall.

Finally, if you have tried the above and you still don't get it, you could be using VW 9.5.1 and OS 10.1.5. If that is the case, please update to VW 9.5.2 as soon as you can. Do not continute to draw in VW under OS 10 until you can get VW 9.5.2 installed.

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I have had no difficulty using the door and window tools from the pallet. However, the OB seems to be causing me some difficulty, but will work with the suggestions given and see what happens - will post back results.


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Well - the situation is degrading seriously here. The door in question is a 'door in wall' according to the OIP. The French door was never used as i couldn't get it to 'break the wall'.

I want to try the suggestions given on using the OB french door, but now I can't drag the original door from the wall. When selected the OIP refers to it as a 'door in wall', but dragging on it shows the image of the door moving with the cusor but when dropped the door is still where it was - in the wall. I cannot alter any OIP settings regarding this door - any time I change a setting VW crashes.

Other doors and windows in the drawing do not behave like this. They can be removed and alterewd via the OIP freely.

For what it's worth, each time I restart after a crash, my first attempt at 'grabbing' the offending door, I come away with a piece of the wall which blanks the wall to the right of the door and skews the rest of the wall. A simple comm-Z gets me back but then the games begin, door won'y drag out nor can I use OIP with 'this' door.

Very strange behavior here. What happens if I dump my VWA prefs? How much formating/settings will I loose. Guess it depends on how much formating I've done - eh?

I have zapped pram and rebuilt the desktop twice this afternoon as a result of the crashes. Oh and I alloted another jag of ram to VWA 40,000 min and 59000 preferred. Is this enough?

Signed: Up a tree with too much to do.

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I dragged the wall, door, windows and all from the plan. Redrew the wall, installed new windows and door. This time the OB PIO for the french door was no problemn at all.

Something was seriously corrupted.

Re my post above, is 40000 min and 59000 preferred enough memory for VWA 9.5.2

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Buz you can increase the preferred to at least 100,000.

Please note, allocated memory is not a contributor to a corrupted piece in the file more than likely. It could have just been a bad combinaton, or there was something else going on. There could be something underlying in the file that is cuasing the corruption.

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