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Using Landscape Areas for Wood Decks - thoughts?

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I've started using Landscape Areas for decks.

I was wondering about what all you more experienced users thought - Pros and Cons.


Here is my CONS list for possible objects to use for modeling deck objects.

  • SLAB: For me the inability edit the texture UV for a slab makes it useless for visualization. I know this has been on wish list for a while but guys, please fix this!
  • EXTRUDE : The transparency in top/plan of makes them useless in any normal documentation workflow. requires turning them into...
  •  AUTO HYBRID: Having to Click into editing space is awkward and hamstrings the whole easy adjustment of their dimensions. editing of AHs often leads to VW hanging.
  • HARDSCAPE AREA: when set to 'slab' they act as slabs and don't have UV editing.
  • LANDSCAPE AREAS: Not what they are meant for. Might cause confusion in reports?


Are there other objects possible I'm not thinking of?? I know Bryan G has told me not to use floors - for anything.


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I've been thinking about tihs matter.

Until the last version, I used Hardscapes as a Texture Modifier but with VW 2021, I really think that the Landscape Area ends up being the best tool to get pavements with thickness...

I send an example file. I usually like to work my Site Models with Site Modifiers and then get my hardscapes. With that pipeline, the new Landcape Area allows works the different layers and then adapt to the site model, without parallel modelling.


Am I missing some point?


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On 3/24/2021 at 10:49 PM, hollister design Studio said:

So watching the video you can't rotate the 3D texture in any 3D view or in the OIP...

But if you use the Attribute Mapping Tool to rotate the hatch fill in top/plan tit also rotates the texture...


Well, that's hardly un-intuitive at all!


I find hardscapes a bit of a headache, the number of different ways you can control textures. BUT, if you are controlling texture in the Slab Component Settings, either directly or by class, you CAN use the texture mapping settings in the O.I.P. to rotate the texture (+ scale it + change the H + V offsets), you just need to ensure that 'Part' is set to 'Main Slab Texture'

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