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Extrude along path not working 'as expected'

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Then main thing when using EAP is not to try to move the line move the profile as the extrude runs down the centre of the profile. moving the profile moves the profile to the side of the line. hope this helps. Just use a polyline of 3d poly.

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6 hours ago, ford519 said:

Hello! Does anyone know how to make this POS EAP tool work yet

Yes, the answer can be found earlier in this thread.  I posted a tutorial on it.

It is far from the most intuitive of tools, but once you understand how it operates, you can do pretty cool stuff with it.

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12 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Many people are using the Extrude Along Path tool succesfully. 


I'm interested to know what this is based on - I'd put my money on the majority of VW users not managing to use the EAP tool successfully.


The documentation for EAP remains incomplete and misleading in VW2022.

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