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room finish library

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we have run into a problem with the room finish library. in os9 we could edit the .txt file with no problem in simple text, but in osX , textedit uses the .rtf format, which vwa wont read. if we do the edit in word and save it as text only, it still does not work. we get varying script errors, the most common being error: _887 _891 - Index outside of array limits. we know what causes this, but are not able to fix it. we like to edit the libraries outside of the program so that we can quickly combine files from varying jobs. does anyone have any suggestions?


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I think the best MacOS text editor has to be BBEdit. If it's in a text format, it can handle it and handle it correctly. You can even get a "Lite" version off the Internet for free. (www.barebones.com)

They also arguably have the best slogan for any software product I've seen.

BTW, you can get MacOS X text edit to save a plain text file. You just have to convert it to plain text first. To do so, use the "Make Plain Text/Make Rich Text" command in the Format menu.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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