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Simplify Mesh via Vectorscript

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I'm working on an import script for a lot of mesh objects, and would like to simplify them as they come in as some are unnecessarily complex. Is there any way to automate this with vectorscript that I'm not seeing in the function reference?


I'm even open to manual ways of accomplishing this is anybody has some insight. I attempted to just delete random mesh vertexes over x quantity and this proved to be a terrible idea since the mesh can't just patch back in the missing polys this caused. 😆

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Best to use Modify menu > Simplify Mesh because the level of simplification will vary from mesh to mesh, so provided the imported mesh is selected, adding this line to the script will activate this command and allow you to adjust each mesh as you go:


DoMenuTextByName('Simplify Mesh', 0);


There is no other way I know of to do this in Vectorscript that would fully automate the process.

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