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2021 SP3 Import Rhinoceros 3D remains out of service




Despite a bug report in SP2, the import of Rhinoceros 3D still doesn't work 😢.

It's crazy, am I the only one importing 3D Rhinoceros that it doesn't worry the developers more?


Anyway, let's wait for SP4, hopefully ... will users' bug reports be taken into account?

Waiting for a solution/repair please.


Best regards.

PS: otherwise if you have any hints on how to select the 3D import format that works best with VectorWorks (with transparent textures + small file size) I'm in 😊

Cornière-tirefond v2.3dm

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Hello @setdesignerand @Kevin K,

Thank you for your answers.

Unfortunately I don't have Rhino 6, and multiplying the installations will eventually saturate my hard drive.

I already have VectorWorks since V.2018 in case there are problems to open some files ...

So, to summarize, if I want to import Rhino with VectorWorks 2021, I downgrade Rhino to V.6 or I downgrade VectorWorks to v.2019 ... Well, we can do it somehow ... but we can't say that it's satisfactory and "modern". 🤨

I don't really find : "One flexible solution for your entire design process" & "When it's simple to do everything, you can create anything".

It would be nice if our programmers would take a look at it anyway. If V.2019 recovers Rhino 7 files saved in v.5, VectorWorks 2021 should be able to do it right? 🤔


Have a nice weekend.
Best regards.



 Rhino 5 from Rhino 7 on VectorWorks 2021😢

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Why don’t you have the person who is sending you rhino files, just send them to you in another format?

Rhino does not play nice with VW.

or.....just ask one of us to import the rhino file then send the imported VW file back to you?  I too was able to import the rhino file you uploaded., without any problem at all in VW 2020.

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Yes thank you @Kevin K, of course there are plenty of possibilities to get around this bug, but it is true that having the ability to directly and correctly import rhinoceros files in Vectorworks 2021 would make more sense to me.

Whenever possible, I like to be self-sufficient to retrieve my files and it's a feature that didn't cause any problems in a 2019 version, so why in 2021?


We'll see in the SP4 if this bug is repaired ... There is another one that is close to my heart with the double linetype and that I would also like to see repaired "hope brings life" as they say 😉


Bon week-end.


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