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dimension line linear markers


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I'm trying to mark a dimension from the outer edge of an exterior foundation wall to the centerline of an interior foundation wall; does anyone know of a way to create a dimension line with different linear markers at each end? (in this case, a diagonal line thru one end and a circle marker at the other.)

It doesn't seem possible to do so in the dimension preferences menu, but I'm praying I don't have to draw the end markers manually.

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Another (very slow) way to do it.

Create a third standard with no markers. Use this one every time you need 2 different markers. Then add a short line per side and thru the attributes palette assign to one line a circle marker and to the other a slash marker.

It's cumbersome but at least the dimension keeps working, no need to ungroup it to change its markers.

Reality is we need a dimension line that will use different markers at the same time. We can't just change office standards to follow the program.

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