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rotating drawing (not content)

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Using the arrowkeys (MAC) moves you through the drawing (without effecting its content).Is there a similar way to rotate a whole drawing without effecting the content (90 degrees left and right and 180 degrees) ?At the moment, when drawing elevations and sections from a plan, I have to:- make all layers visible - select all- rotate 90 degrees.

Switching from west to north elevation means, repeating this whole time-consuming procedure.Particularly in the first design-phase I like to have everything on one worksheet.It would make sense to have the whole drawing rotate left or right with a single command (like we used to do on the drawingboard)Does anyone know of something like that ?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Gerrit, you need to make use of what VectorWorks calls "Layer Links". Layer Links are a very powerful feature of VW and a deeper subject than I can go into here. Basically, a layer link is a representation of the contents of another layer transported to the current layer. It's like the relationship between a symbol definition (in your library) and the symbol in your drawing, only the definition is a complete layer. Take a look at page 3-13 in the VectorWorks9 manual.

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Thanks Robert,

I got the same tip in another area of these techboards, but somehow I never got the clue concerning layer linking; I didn't see the benefits.I hoped there was an easier way. And as turning the monitor upside down isn't an option either, I guess I have to dive in those manuals again.

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