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Ceiling Tag Height Value

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We are using the ceiling grid tool and are trying to tag the height of the ceiling grid. We are using the #IPZ# definition to get the height, which works well when the layer elevation (Z value) is zero. When the layer elevation (Z value) is say 10' (as it might be on the second level of the building), it adds 10' to the ceiling height value for the tag. Therefore, a ceiling grid object set to 8' on level 2 shows a tag value of 18' instead of the desired 8'. Is there any way to set up the tag with a different definition, or perhaps subtract the layer elevation to get the desired ceiling height value for each level of the building?

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It's not end-end automatic but you can create a Record Format to receive manual input of the Layer Elevation.

This Record Fomat can be applied to the Ceiling Grids and the Layer Elevation automatically subtracted from the absolute Ceiling Grid Elevation by editing the Data Tag Layout

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As a workaround the stake tool can be used to show ceiling heights in plan views and the benchmark tool in section views. They don’t link to the ceiling object however so need to be manually placed at the correct height.



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