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To Robert A, Re: CLONE PIO

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I downloaded your CLONE PIO from VectorDepot but cannot seem to figure out exactly how to use it. I've put it in my workspace in a tool palette (is that right?) and would love a brief "how-to". Thanks in advance.

Peter Cipes, AIBD

(PS I finally took time to do the VWA CD tutorial and was very impressed. I learned a bunch of new tricks!) smile.gif" border="0

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The Clone PIO tool will copy the settings of one PIO and paste them into another. This is similar to the eyedropper tool.

To use it:

1. Select the Clone PIO tool. The prompt will read 'Pick Object to Clone.'

2.Select the object whose properties you wish to copy.

3. A message window will appear prompting you to select the 'target object.' Select the object you want to paste the previously selected PIO settings into.

The second PIO selected should then have the same settings as the first.

In some cases, such as doors and windows NOT in walls it will depend on where you select the object. If you select the door itself the settings may not take. With these types of objects you must select the jamb of the door or window.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. This helps a lot. I incorrectly assumed that this tool would create an entirely new type of PIO, along with appurtenant OIP's, etc. But this is still a cool little tool. PLC

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