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2D door & window elevation

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There are times when I want to draw a single 2D building elevation and have not used walls, model, etc. I would like to use the VWA doors and window symbols which only place in "plan" view, not elevation. The only way I have found to use these symbols is to place them, convert their view to, say front, convert to group, return to "plan view" and then place them in my elevation. There used to be in minicad just plain old 2D elevation view door & window symbols but these seem to have disappeared. Is the method I described above the only way to do what I want or is there another procedure. Mac, OS 9x, VW 8.5 + architect

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Thanks for the response...I do have your gwindow plugin, which has saved me lots of work. I used g window to make some custom window symbols which I could only save with the file (how the hell do I get them into a foldeer available for other files??) You don't, by any chance have a gdoor plugin similar to gwindow? I have used the OI to turn windows into doors. Thanks for gwindow!!


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