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Vectorworks to twinmotion sp3?

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Here's the announcement from VW in March. I have highlighted certain parts in bold.



Partnership with Unreal Engine Creates Real-time Rendering Connection to Twinmotion


Vectorworks 2021 Service Pack 3 users now have a high-quality method for exporting their 3D BIM and design models to Twinmotion®, Unreal® Engine and other Epic Games products that support the Datasmith file format. Vectorworks has utilized the Datasmith SDK to ensure greater fidelity of the model export to these real-time rendering applications. For Mac users, this newest connection makes it possible to connect the most popular design software with the desired real-time rendering solution available on Mac today.


“Our partnership with Unreal Engine is a dynamic solution to Vectorworks users allowing them to create real-time renderings of their model with open and advanced real-time 3D creation tools such as Unreal Editor and Twinmotion,” said Vectorworks Director of Product Technology Dave Donley. “It’s an amazing opportunity to bring this partnership to our users and we’re confident they will enjoy creating cutting-edge renderings and models.”


“Vectorworks’ new integrations with Twinmotion and Unreal Engine helps users go from creating models to deploying stunning real-time rendered scenes faster than ever before,” said Unreal Engine, Epic Games VP and General Manager Marc Petit.



This was released with stuff that doesn't work, and 4 months later, it still doesn't work.



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2 hours ago, zoomer said:

Could be that Slab and Floor Tools still produce flipped surfaces.


That may be a reason why TM's selection + drag and drop fails.

Have you tried to select/drop from the underside ?

Would that work ?


My floor is just an extruded rectangle. But, I just tried selecting from below and it works! Also tried selecting the drape from the backside and that works. I checked and "two-sided" is on.

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6 hours ago, chaz said:

I checked and "two-sided" is on.



Yes, two-sided option is a simple workaround attempt for

crappy geometry. It most times helps for Rendering.

But there are so many situations where that workaround often still fails.

Like GI calculations or Selection/geometry recognition, in this case.

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On 6/1/2021 at 9:23 PM, Dave Donley said:

Hello @line-weight might not be your issue but the bug where untextured parts of extrudes would fail to show in TM has been fixed for SP 4.  The too strong bumps issue is more extensive and is fixed for the next major version but not in SP4.  There have been several issues noticed about modifying and then updating objects in TM and we are still working with Epic on that investigation.  I have asked about texturing objects that come into TM untextured I will ask again.




Hello @Dave Donley


It's good to see that VW2022 has a direct link to Twinmotion, which will make it a lot more useful.


Are you able to update us on whether the various bugs have been fixed in VW2022?

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On 9/16/2021 at 9:45 AM, line-weight said:


Hello @Dave Donley


It's good to see that VW2022 has a direct link to Twinmotion, which will make it a lot more useful.


Are you able to update us on whether the various bugs have been fixed in VW2022?


Having had no response to this I thought I'd try things out.


I think that some things may have been improved but within a few minutes of testing, I find:


- VW glass material is imported as opaque.

- I can override that with one of TM's glass materials, and that works fine...

- until I try making some edits in the VW file, click the update button, the TM scene updates with the geometry changes  but the glass material reverts back to the wrong, opaque version.


NB the edits I made were nothing to do with the glass object, they were edits to other objects in the model.


So, still not practically useful for me. Ho hum.

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4 hours ago, line-weight said:

- VW glass material is imported as opaque.


I have seen that too.


And it is a bit strange using C4D import Materials.

Which Transparency always did not work in OpenGL with "imported"

shader settings, without overwriting for VW.

As they use the Thumbnail resolution for OpenGL - unfortunately including

the Gradient, which hints to Materials using any Transparency.


Unfortunately that Gradient exports to TM's Transparency when using Datasmith.

(AFAIK that was no problem with FBX or C4D exports in the past ?)

It looked bad with VW 2021.

No more that bad but still not really satisfying with VW 2022.

(Gradient is a bit brighter and less pronounced but you still see Material

tiling this way)


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