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Ceiling view/ floor view

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I can't seem to get the global plug-in to work for show ceiling view or show floor view. They do appear in my menu after I set them up from the workspace editor - but when I go to the menu to use it nothing changes.

Assuming I CAN get the show ceiling view plug-in to work, this means every time I send out to plot my service bureau has to not ony change the saved sheet but also install the plug-in into their workspace and go into the menu to globally change the view and then remember to switch it back to show floor view when finished. Am I correct? If so, this is a ridiculous and UNACCEPTABLE "update"

Why can't I set up RCP's the way we did in 8.5? It was much easier to set the saved sheet w/ the sills class turned off.

Please tell me there is an easier way - and hopefully one that doesn't involve having to create symbols from my door objects w/ multiple classes - It should work easily - like it did in 8.5. I made the jump to 9 recently and I do like many of the improved tools and additional features as well the additional keyboard commands I can set up; but it is pesky issues like this that make us lose productivity for some fundamental uses. confused.gif" border="0

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The window and door objects were changed as a result of users not wanting the objects to create special classes within them. You may find it ridiculous, but what we're doing is responding to user input, which during VWA8 was strongly against any classes not specified by the user. So we put in the Ceiling View parameter to respond to this, and the Show Ceiling View as a way to globally set them up.

I don't know why your command isn't working. Try placing a single door object then running the command to see if it changes. It should change PIOs as well as symbols containing PIOs. If the documents are ones that were begun in VW8, you should run the Update to V2 Objects command first.

As far as your service bureau is concerned, a couple of suggestions are:

-Send the Service Bureau two copies of your file, one with Ceiling view on, one off; or

-Send the Service Bureau PDFs of the ceiling plans;

We continually evaluate changes such as this based on user input. Believe it or not, this particular change has not been very controversial.

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Thanks or the prompt response. i was able to get the view plug-in to work - i just had to restart my computer.

I still think the way of 8.5 was easier this does involve one more step. Sorry about my tirade I do appreciate the efforts of your people and still parise you product.

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