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VWX 2020 Label Legend Manager Attributes Will Not Apply





I am having an issue with adding new attributes to my label legends. 


I have a fixture type that I need to add unit numbers to on my plot. I go into the label legend manager and go into edit fields for the label legend I am using for the fixture. I select the unit # attribute to use for the 2D and then I select done. If I immediately go back in and edit fields again it is still selected. When I go into edit 2D layout it is not there for me to place. When I go back into edit fields Unit # is no longer selected.


I have tried making a new label legend and it does the same thing, but with any attributes I try to apply. So I am left with nothing to place.

I have tried a using a different fixture type to build one, I have tried refreshing in-between selecting the attribute and going into edit it, I have tried restarting the program.


It will not let me add anything to any of my label legends.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Again I am working in 2020.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you can't upgrade to 2021, the first thing to do is to try deleting your user folder since others are not having the same problem.

Reset Vectorworks User Preferences Folder


Also, make sure you are starting with a new blank file and not a template.

Check your templates folder for a default.sta file. If it's there delete otherwise a new document will use this template file rather than a true blank file.

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