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Ryzens vs. Intels...any comments?

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Hi all,


Time to replace the old workhorse at the home office.


Any reason NOT to go with a Ryzen? Works fine with VW?


Does anyone know what is the current status with promised multi-threading improvements in VW?


Any views much appreciated, thanks.

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when I bought my current rig (I9 10980XE) from Boxx I asked about that.  They said that the Ryzen does offer a better multithreaded performance but the I9 was better when you have a mix of single vs multi threaded applications.  Don't forget to beef up your graphics card as well when you update. 

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Posted (edited)

No problems and very happy with my Ryzen 3950X.


12 hours ago, JMR said:

Any reason NOT to go with a Ryzen? Works fine with VW?


Yes, because it is nearly impossible to get one ....

(like Ryzen9 5900X or 5950X)


Ryzen 5000 series are basically at least on par with Intels

single core performance too. Usually with noticeably less

energy consumption.



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Thanks for the feedback to you both.


Indeed it seems the 5900x and 5950x are no shows at the stores...one can order them but they don't give any info as to when it will arrive.


I guess I have to wait a few months and see if the situation improves.



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GPUs are even worse ....

I luckily paid 800+€ for a AMD RX6800 MSRP 600€ card in early January,

and felt a bit bad about that. Now, if you need, you can get them for 1500€ !?


And now SSD prices start to rise too ....

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