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9.5.1 Smart Curser

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I believe the corner cursor cue was replaced with a "point" cursor cue in VW 9.5.1. I am still researching to find out why this may be, or if it was done on accident and is now a bug.

You should still get an Object cursor cue when touching the edge of a cabinet or any other object for that matter.

Are you not getting an object cursor cue? Do you have the Snap to Object constraint on ?

Please note, the keystroke "Q" will turn the Snap to Objects off and on. If by accident the key "q" was pressed to turn it off, you won't get the object cursor cue, nor will you be able to snap to the obejct.

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As a person from a non-English speaking background, I dare to say this:

Smart curser - oh, indeed! I curse it every day!

Just bare with me...

Sorry, sorry - no offence intended. Just to point out the problems of the English language - which never would have been chosen as the international 'lingua Franca' by anyone with even the basic understanding of communications theory. (not to mention the monk-Latin phrase 'lingua Franca')

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Urimevs - If you are not getting the smart cursor after working in the program for a while and th eonly way to get it back is by rebooting, that is not a bug. That is more of a memory related problem.

Are you on a Mac or PC ?If you are on a Mac, you should try to up the preffered amount of memory the application is using (if on OS 9).

You say it crashes - is the program crashing, is the smart cues just not showing on the screen?

Have you made sure the proper constraints are on for the various smart cursor cues? Simple keyboard strokes can turn constaraints on and off.

When the cursor goes away, have you checked the VW prefs to see if it's not a prefs corruption problem and that the smart cursor cue setting is still enabled?

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The corner cursor cue was replaced with the point cursor cue. This made more sense logically since the "corner" cue wasn't exactly the corner of the wall or floor. You can have a wall drawn on the inside of a floor, outside of a floor or in the middle of a floor edge. No matter which wall mode you chose, the corner cursor cue would show when you cursored over the middle point of a mitered wall. To have the cue make more sense logically, it was changed to "point". This was a decision made on a number of requests about the corner not really being the corner.

Sorry for the inconvenience this particular change has affected the way you are used to.

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I use a Quicksilver G4 with 1 Gig of Ram (so memory should not be a problem) MacOS X 10.1.4 and V-Works 9.5.1I can also tell you that it happens also in OS 9 although I usually give 200MB to the App.I have to say that V-Works does not crash when the smartcursor infos disappears in 3D (V-Works crashes have been rare in OS X); just that restarting the program fixes the problem.


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Well certainly with that much memory allocated to the program, if you are seeing the smart cursor disappear, then you may have memory or cache full and you are not able to see the cursors. Rebooting the machine will reset memory and cache allowing you to see that stuff.

Anytime you are working away in a program and stuff starts to disappear for not related reason, then it's usually because cache/mmeory is full and cannot provide the information for certain tasks.

Are you certain that you are not turning off the constraints when you see the cursors go away?

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I am positive that I'm not turning off the constraints.

the cursor (the little arrow) itself does not disappear, but it won't change to an cross (+) for example in order to snap to an extrude while in 3D view; and "object" will not appear besides it.

Also, I do not have to reboot the machine, just V-Works and everything works just fine.


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