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Assign object to a layer checked out by another user

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Hi All,

Is it possible to reassign an object from a layer I have checked out to a layer my colleague has checked out?


I realise this might mean I can no longer edit it, but would mean I can add content to their layer in parallel to what they might be doing on that layer.


Perhaps we are working on different ends of a building, for example I do the east end, my colleague does the west end. They work 'live' on the layer' I work 'off-line and sync'.


We will both need to save/commit/refresh etc.







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Thanks @Christiaan - I thought as much!

I guess, a temporary design layer could be used in this approach.. have my colleague save, commit and release the his 'live' layer, then I would checkout the layer along with my temp layer, 'transfer' from my temp layer and then save, commit, release again.






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