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Fencing and Trackway - Data Tag / Record Format / Reports

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I'm currently designing the fencing and trackway for a big site.

Fencing is drawn as polylines and trackway as polygons with hatches.

I'm manually tagging each group of fencing with or trackway with Callouts, but I would like to optimise this with Data Tags and Record Formats to export a Report.
Ideally I want to create a Data Tag that is linked to the polyline or the polygon and takes data from the Record Format attached to those and also takes the perimeter from polyline and area from polygon.

When designing the data tag layout and defining the tag filed I can choose the Object Function and then Perimeter which works good for one polyline or one polygone.

But very often I have 1 fenceline that has a break in the middle (cause there is a gate or an opening for a road) but both sides of the fence belong to the same object, how could I show the total length of these 2 polylines on the data tag and treat these 2 polylines as 1 object for the report?

See attached a screenshot of the current manually inserted callout, for example object GT_F.H_10 should be on object that contains 3 different polylines.


Thanks in advance




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Another question on this regard is if I could add info from the report on the Data Tag, and how.

For example, let's say each piece of Heras Fencing is 2,5m long, I would like to add in the Data Tag the number of Heras fence units for each particular fenceline.

Thanks again


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Posted (edited)

@Julia79 you can show a break in a poly line without drawing it as two separate lines by using 'Hide or Show Edges Mode' of the Reshape Tool to make sections of the poly line invisible:


Then it will still report as a single object.


And to convert a length value into no. of fence panels just divide it by the panel length i.e. add '/2.5' to the formula. Then it will return the number of fence panels rather than overall length.


But you could also consider drawing your fences using the Wall tool, then you'd have much more built-in functionality. Even if you're only interested in 2D. And maybe the Railing/Fence tool too, but someone else would know better than me about that


Edited by Tom W.

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@Tom W. Hi Tom,

Thank you so much this sorts all my issues!

Regarding hiding a an edge, I didn't think about it, will do so.

I'm looking now at the fence tool, I didn't even know it exist, great finding, looking at some tutorials online.


For whoever that can answer this:
About the Fence/Rail tool is there a way to only add lengths that are multiple of the length of one unit.
For example, the unit is 2,5m long, to only do fence lines that have a length multiple of 2,5m that doesn't cut units of fences or barriers?

Thanks everyone




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Hi Julia
"About the Fence/Rail tool is there a way to only add lengths that are multiple of the length of one unit.
For example, the unit is 2,5m long, to only do fence lines that have a length multiple of 2,5m that doesn't cut units of fences or barriers?"

I believe what you are looking for you can find in the Railing/Fence Settings. In the Post window under Arrangement you can opt for Fixed Distance. Nevertheless you will need to keep in mind that you draw your fence with lines being a multiple of 2,5m as the tool doesn't force the fixed distance while drawing. So maybe another tool/workflow would better suit your needs.
Maybe create a symbol and use Duplicate Along Path with a fixed distance of 2,5m, Tangent to path - you can than count the symbols. Still will need some finetuning the positioning...
or Tom' suggestion... 

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