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OS X icon Question


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How come on my new iMac all of the vectorworks icons are the new aquafied version, and on my DP 533 all of the VW icons are the old grainy classic version? I am running 9.5.1VW and 10.1.4 on both. I know that this is not the most dire of help questions, but iti is annoying none the less.

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The Mac used to keep all the information about what file belongs to what program and what it's default icon should be in the desktop database files. (At least it used to under OS 9, I think it still does if you are using an HFS disk under OS X, which is the only type of disk VectorWorks will work on anyway)

There are two things you can do to try and update this that I know of. 1) Copy the VectorWorks application to another disk and then copy it back again. 2) Delete any pre 9.5.0 versions of VectorWorks from the machine and rebuild the desktop database.

MacOS X, in addition to supporting the traditional Mac type/creator code system mentioned above, it now uses a windows like files extension to associate documents with applications. To change the association for .mcd files (VectorWorks/MiniCAD files) do a show info on a .mcd file with the incorrect extension. In the menu, go to the "Open with application" section and click on the icon, a menu should pop up that will give you the choices the system knows about, or you can select other.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

[ 04-18-2002: Message edited by: Matthew Giampapa ]

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