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"Remove By Class Settings" file-wide

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I've received a file from someone containing a large library of 2D symbols that I'd like to incorporate into my library files. It has dozens of classes controlling the 2D attributes of geometry within those symbols. I want to incorporate the symbols into my own library but I don't need or want all of those class definitions.


So my first thought is to delete all the classes in the file except for None and Dimension, then reassign the geometry to the None class. However, this means that all of the various lineweights and pen colors that were used in the symbols are gone; everything is now uniformly using the None class attributes. What I want instead is for the geometry to keep its original appearance even when I strip the file of all the classes. I don't need or want class-based attributes for these symbols.


I can solve this one symbol at a time [prior to deleting classes] by going into the 2D component, selecting all, then using the Attributes Palette flyout and choosing "Remove By Class Settings." This makes each individual attribute local to the object rather than being connected to the class it's assigned to, allowing me to delete all the classes without consequence. However, I'd have to do this for each and every symbol individually.




So I'm wondering if there's some approach that might allow me to do this universally? I thought Tools > Utilities > Change Symbol Attrs might be a solution, but that doesn't quite do what I want.

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I think, with standard toolset, you would have to open each Symbol

and reset elements from by Class Setting.

Or maybe easier to place the Symbols in drawing, explode all,

setup at a time and recreate Symbols.


The only hope would be a script.

Maybe @Pat Stanfordalready has one in petto  .....

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Haha, Pat, I hope you do, even though I too feel like I'm on here more than I should be. I think every time I hit "render" my brain wants something to keep my occupied for those couple minutes 😄


Anyways, no pressure, but if it sounds like it's something that's scriptable it would be super helpful. I'm sure there are more important tasks though!



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