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Creating Custom Plant Library

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I have had some time to use/incorporate the available plant images in the resource library into my initial projects and they just aren't in line with our company's style. Not to mention, the total lack of native species in the library I have access to (I am using Landmark). I do understand how to create them in the program but I would like to create a complete set of new top-plan view images based on our native plant database (635 plants for my ecoregion) and upload them to my own library. 


- Does anyone know what the graphic specs and requirements are for these objects/images in order to be compatible with Vectorworks; required file type, DPI and max size for scaleability, line types (closed/open, etc., etc.) or can you point me to a guide? 


- Can someone describe a workflow for creating this library location and importing these into the library? Is there a file structure that is necessary? 


- I assume I will have to go in and edit the data for each image once they are imported to include all the details such as plant sizing, pricing, etc.,  like what the existing library images have. Is this unavoidable or is there a more efficient workaround? 


- I have no idea how to model these plants into 3D versions if I ever needed to do so, but I would be interested in a resource for learning how if that is available. Does this exist? 

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I was having some difficulty with this too and @jeff prince  helped guild me through the process.

The following is an amalgamation of his and my words.


To Create your image with alpha in photoshop:

take a photo of a real plant with my camera.

  • Start with a blank psd file with a transparent background.
  • Paste in the photo you took or found on google (bing seems to have much better plant images... YMMV)
  • Remove the unwanted pixles by erasing them, revealing the transparent backgound 
  • OR - I like to remove pixels by 'creating clipping mask' and erasing on that layer... then I can paint back in details I might have over erased.
  • Save the psd and export a png file with its built in alpha channel - you can use 'quick export as PNG' this still saves alpha by default.
  • On to VW!



To create the image prop you do the following.

  • file > import > import image file

select your image which has the alpha channel

  • In the top 'import as' menu choose import as a resource
  • Use PNG compression and check the box for alpha
  • remember that you changed this to 'image prop'... I often forget and the next time I want to import an image I can't figure out why my site map image isn't showing up on my cover sheet... I do this far to many times.


To put it into your Plant Symbol:

  • Edit the style of your plant symbol
  • Go to visualization tab
  • click on the 3d Graphics section - > create from image

the image resource you created earlier should be available.





Hope this helps!


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