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38 minutes ago, First Garden Design said:

Hello Jeff. I appreciate your comments. Unfortunately the images of plants I have found are individual so to replace the ones that Landscape has duplicated looks like they will cost an arm and a leg. Would you know who would have a good size shrub list?

it depends so much on the region you design for , the level of detail/accuracy required, and how extensive of a master list you would like on hand.


the majority of my work is in the deserts of the world and I end up making my own, based on my photos, as needed per project.

I have to make my own because I am picky and stock images or models for sale rarely have the right look or detail for me.  If I could find and buy good ones, I would do so and pay the premium... the price is never higher than my billable rate x the time required to do it myself.  Such is the cost of being a stickler for quality.

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Many thanks Jeff. Although I work in the green county land of the UK I, like you am picky, hence why I take a lot of time generating my own. If there was a good list, Like you I would purchase some.

Never mind. It would be great if one could alter the image angle though in the Landscape database though.

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I just posted a question about this - I want to create my own as well, but have some questions about how to do it outside of the in-program options. Any insight you can provide is appreciated. Here are the questions: 


I have had some time to use/incorporate the available plant images in the resource library into my initial projects and they just aren't in line with our company's style. Not to mention, the total lack of native species in the library I have access to (I am using Landmark). I do understand how to create them in the program but I would like to create a complete set of new top-plan view images based on our native plant database (635 plants for my ecoregion) and upload them to my own library. 


- Do you know what the graphic specs and requirements are for these objects/images in order to be compatible with Vectorworks; required file type, DPI and max size for scaleability, line types (closed/open, etc., etc.) or can you point me to a guide? 


- Can you describe a workflow for creating this library location and importing these into the library? Is there a file structure that is necessary? 


- I assume I will have to go in and edit the data for each image once they are imported to include all the details such as plant sizing, pricing, etc., that the existing library images have. Is this unavoidable or is there a more efficient workaround? 


- I have no idea how to model these plants into 3D versions if I ever needed to do so, but I would be interested in a resource for learning how if that is available. Does this exist? 

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@Jessica Soulliere 

some of my posts on the topic.  There is a treasure trove of info on the forum.  I provide training via zoom and build custom solutions for other landscape professionals if you need this type of assistance.  In terms of the graphic requirements, see the linked topics in my signature for Vectorworks official response... there hasn’t been one in years...


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