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PDF or DXF Files. Combining Layers/Sheets. Is This Possible?


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I am a dinosaur. What I have done in the past is plot the visible/Grayed layers of different Scales...etc., combining them manually, and adjust each sheet as such for my final. Now my plotter just went into the toilet and I am totally lost.

What I would like to do is combine multiple layers to a single layer and onto one sheet--even though they are all different; and to do this for all my sheets. It this possible?

Then save each combined sheet as PDF, DXF or other so I can take the file to our local Blueprint company to plot.

Can this be done? I am desperate. Please help!

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Or.....I have noticed on other CAD Programs that there appears to be specific sheets where Scale....etc. does not seem to get effected. So once all the drawings are completed, these individual drawings can be brought in from different layers and organized as such to a single sheet.

Can Vectorworks do this?

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You can set up "Sheets" which can be a combinations of visible layers and classes. In VW each layer has only one scale. Arrange everything on screen the way you want it and then print the "sheet" to a postscript file using the Laserwriter 8 printer driver (or equivalent). You can take this .ps file to your service bureau. Another easier way would be to have your service bureau download the free VW viewer application.

You can save sheets for easy access.

DXF is not the way to go in this situation.

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Wonderful!!!!! It took me a couple of hours to figure out what you were talking about, and for me to check the "Using Sheets" section in the "Users Guide." But this is a real nice function!

Can I ask for the link to the free "VW Viewer Application?" And what does this do? Allow them to open the program, maybe as a read only?

Anyway, mahalo for all your help. It is greatly appreciated. smile.gif" border="0

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