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Spacebar acting as an OIP 'undo'

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When I change a setting in the OIP - say the scale of a viewport - and then want to PAN to a different area of the screen - the action of hitting the Spacebar doesn't PAN it 'undoes' the change I made in the OIP.


This is a bit frustrating.


It seems like hitting the spacebar is advancing to the next option in an OIP dropdown.


How do I turn this behavior off?


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@Mark Aceto I'm on a wacom so I mostly pan with MMB (my second pen button).


Honestly with the number of times I mess up my OIP menu selection by hitting the spacebar to pan, I should just completely abandon that workflow.

Plus I've found there is more of a 'pause' between hitting the spacebar and it taking effect than panning with the MMB.


I'm also always making a copy of the currently selected object when I'm ctrl+spacebar zooming...

I wish there was a (quick) way to zoom without the spacebar - I would LOVE for an  Alt+MMB zoom!





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@C.T @Mark Aceto 


As far as I've been told you also can't program or change the temporary shortcuts (like MMB+Ctrl for temporary flyover, and MMB or Spacebar for pan, and Spacebar+pause+Ctrl for zoom).


It seems like you can only make shortcuts for the tools themselves, but these interfere with whatever tool/command you are presently using, and so are less than useful. And even then are limited to what you can use for the shortcut.


It would be VERY nice to be able to program/ self determine all of these temporary shortcuts.


This must be possible - they did allow this for the new 'smart options' and 'quick search' - which are temporary and can be called during another operation without canceling the current operation.

...but this is probably a much more complicated tweak than us mere mortal/non programmers/end-users will ever know or understand!

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