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Struggling to create new plant styles

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I've just moved from VW2016 to 2021 and am struggling to get to grips with some aspects of the plant tool. I want to create my own 2D plant styles for planting plans and specific plants. I've worked out how to create a new one from an object e.g. a circle ok but if I then try and duplicate it the scaling goes completely off. I get the same problem if I try to duplicate one of the existing plant styles.  The new plant appears 1/10th the size of the one it is copied/duplicated from?! 


This happens even if I don't change any of the parameters e.g. just duplicate it with another name so I cant see what I'm doing wrong?



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Hi bgoff, thanks for responding. I ended up deleting the file and starting again afresh and it’s working fine now. I obviously set a parameter wrong somewhere, but it’s working now I’m not going to worry about it 🤣


Am loving VW 2021 but it’s a bit of a leap in some areas from 2016, I’m sure I will get there eventually...


Thanks again for the offer

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Hello @ChrissieB,

The behavior you describe reminded me of a concern I had as well.

Strangely small plant styles when all their standard settings were with large sizes...

And today, the problem is recurring in my home as well 🤔 ...
I didn't understand what was happening to me and thought about your post.

I may have understood what was going on for you.
Because on my end, it was just the plant tool insertion options I had set to size a plant to 0.30m that applied.
Then to all the symbols that I inserted without taking into account the default settings of the new inserted plant ...



I hope this may have explained the strange behavior you have noticed?

Have a nice day.

Best regards.

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