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Does Epson Stylus 1520 printer...

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Epson does not provide a driver for the 1520 under OSX, not even in Classic mode. What a bummer! Because of this problem and in conjunction with Adobe Teckton font preventing VW8.5 drawings opening in VW9.5 and VW9.5 not following Mac interface conventions for option-drag and shift+ selections, I personally continue to use VW8.5 running in Classic and then print to the 1520 from a separate Mac running OS9x. I keep my drawing files on an external Firewire drive and simply hot-swap the Firewire drive between Macs to print.

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The following sloution works perfectly for us:

The Epson 1520 printer is connected to a computer (our print server) running OS 9.2 via usb. The Epson Stulus RIP software runs continuously on that computer.

All client running OSX simply setup a new printer using print center. First, copy the 1520 ppd file to your OSX computer. Then select Appletalk printer in print center, and choose the 1520 ppd file.

Works beautifully for all computers on the network

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