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Can you set the control key to select multiple???

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Does anyone know if you can set vector works so that when you hold down the control key and click on multiple objects, it will select them all one by one? I cannot count how many times a day I try selecting multiple objects thinking I am holding down the shift key properly to do this, but I am actually holding down the control key (or the Caps Lock key for that matter).  It always takes me several seconds to realizing what is going on and it is is frustrating as all get up. It seems like there would be now reason setting up these keys to do the same thing would interfere with any other functionality of the program. I cant seem to figure out a way to do it. Please advise if anyone knows.  


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Shift key and control key have multiple different functions. Suppose it is not recommended to make them do the same thing.



When selecting multiple objects, they have mostely something in common. Try to find out what it is.

Have you tried to use the select similar command instead of selecting objects one by one in that case?


- select all objects in the aerea where you want to select those objects

- select the select similar tool

- set preferences of the tool and save it for later use. (for example select all with the same symbol name)

- set the tool options to current selection mode

- choose one of the desired objects.


=> all objects that have the desired preferances in common with what you have chosen will be selected within the selected aerea.


Sounds complicated, but once you get used to it it is much quicker than clicking 20 or more objects while holding the shift key.


Try to check  this video from the help file.




Another possible method is to use Tools/Custom Selection.






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I have used the select similar tool in the past, and am starting to use it more frequently nowadays, just never think to do it in the moment....the things.....they're just right there, a click away!  I suppose you are lightly advising me on how to improve my technique which will, I suppose, benefit me more in the long run overall. 


Ok, I will make a pact to start using the SS tool more


Thanks HC 

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