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An issue with creating a new custom title block.


I have created a new title block for myself. I created the layout of the title block, then created the record format. I left off where I still needed to add revision, and issue notes to it, but I wanted to stop for the day, so I created the custom style and saved the document and closed it. 

Today I wanting to add the revision and issue items to the TB, but here's my issue. I can still add project and sheet info, but I can't seem to find my record format. Does it disappear after you create the custom style? It's not showing up in the OIP, so how could I still add project and sheet data?  

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Trying to work through this...I/we might just need some clarification on what you are trying to do...


If you have a title block style (the one you created) and are wanting to add more elements (the revision data) so they show up, you can double click on the title block on a sheet to edit the layout, add linked text (that is linked to the revision data), etc.


If you are looking to add/edit the actual data (project, sheet, revision, etc), that is done through the "Title Block Border Settings..." in the OIP.


I was able to take an un-styled title block, attach a record, save the title block as a style, and use that style on another sheet. My record was attached to the title block on my new sheet and I could still find it under the Data tab of the OIP. So it doesn't seem like records are discarded when you convert an un-styled title block into a styled one.


If you are looking to add fields to your record format, you can find it in the resource manager and edit it there.


Here's the VW2019 Help article on setting up title blocks: Setting Up and Managing Title Block Borders


If none of these responses is helpful or answers your questions, more information on your process so far or end goal might steer responses in the right direction 🙂

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