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Old house builder--New CAD user. My first job on VectorWorks and the deadline looms. A three floor renovation and I've got my Linked Layer model all set to go, except for those pesky Elevations.

When I choose a view of the Linked model, select all, and then under Tools> Convert Copy to Lines> click on Hidden Line Rendering: the process gives me a few more lines than I want. The result is more like a section, adjacent walls and slabs show in depth/thickness. I want to send out to the plotter, need the walls be made Solid instead of No Fill?

VW Architect 9.5 on Mac. Thanks, Wally

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Thanks Chris,Lines and deleting I can handle, they're at the top of my VW skill level. I had assumed that there would be a more elegant method of creating elevations. In place of the erasure shield this Trim Tool looks pretty interesting, eh?



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Hi there,To minimize the unwanted lines, before you convert copy to lines, it is best when you Render your elevation first(quick or solid rendering will do), change window glazing,e.g. #3. Unless you do this you're in "wireframe" that's why it will pick up every lines even the rear wall.

Cheers.Bobby Aranas cool.gif" border="0

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