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Driveway - can it be simple?


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I want to create a driveway - in an ideal world all I would need to do is draw a polygon or poly line the shape I want, then pick some points on the perimeter, give them a height and have the shape magically happen...... nothing is quite that simple though.


Can anyone tell me which tool I should be trying to use and if what I am hoping for actually exists?




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@SharonP It depends on what type of driveway and your intended outcomes from modeling it.

It is existing or new?  Is the slope significant?  Do you have an accurate site model to place it on or is this driveway just floating in space and needs to be modeled to relate to some other feature like a house or retaining wall?


You could use a hardscape, site modifier in the pad configuration with drainage, model the site using site modifiers and project the driveway onto it as a texture bed, model it with solids or surfaces, and the list goes on...


More information is required for the best advice...

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well, if you don't have a site model and the driveway is just floating in space, I find drawing a 3D poly from the top view to be fast and easy.  Place your cursor at the spot where the driveway touches an object of known elevation to start, move to the next spot and use the tab key to make it over to delta Z and type in your desired elevation.  Continue until complete.


Driveway via 3D polygon




Alternatively, if you have a site model, you could draw a 2d  polygon in top/plan view and apply it to the site as a texture bed modifier.


driveway as texture bed on site model.


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Thanks so much for your help - the 3d polygon has done almost exactly what I needed ...... ideally I would be able to give it a thickness of 100mm but apart from that......at least I have something resembling a driveway with the contours about right.


Always worth asking for help - there are a lot of people more experienced with Vectorworks than I am!

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