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Hoist Load Weight Missing in 2021

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The hoist tool seems to no longer have a "load weight" field in VW2021. I used this field to create simple rigging worksheets for the last several years. Now I am struggling to find a way to make my old workflow work. Has anyone else run into this and found a workaround?


I don't have Braceworks, and don't intend to make that purchase anytime soon given the way 2020 went...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Have you considered adding a custom record to the hoists to document this?

once it has been attached to a hoist symbol you can save the hoist with the record attached into your favorites or user folder for future projects




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I believe the field you are looking for is now called Hoist Weight Equivalent. I am no structural engineer so cannot give you a detailed reason why this has been changed, but it seems that the terminology is more aligned with engineering best practice than the old one.


You will need to add a data tag on the new tool instead of using the fixed labels. There are a couple of examples available in the Data Tag libraries, but for the most part you will need to make your own.



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25 minutes ago, ReMatsu said:

You can still use the old one. Edit your workspace, Click the "Tools" tab, search for "Legacy" on the list and add Hoist(Legacy) to your tool set. That's what I did. 🙂

I don't know why I didn't consider this! Thank you for the idea. +5 pro points for you 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@stayathomedad I made a mistake regarding this so please disregard my previous answer.

After talking with some colleges the workflow for attaching a custom Data record to a hoist is that it has to attached after insertion with the hoist tool for it to be accessible in the data pane.

If the hoist is inserted as a normal symbol without using the hoist tool then the data record will be directly visible.

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