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Control of OOB Doors

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In using the door tool, under options for the leaf, there is an option for a custom door. Picking one of the available options (a Craftsman style), the door comes in coloured brown and the glass is blue. I can not find any way to alter these two colours. They are not affected by class settings. The colours seem to be built into the leaf option. Is there a way to control them?

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Once you select the custom door style it will appear in your resource manager in the symbol/plug ins folder.

-select it and choose edit 3d components

-select the door and in the attributes palette you can change the colour, I prefer to select it and set all attributes to by class.  Then in the Object info palette I set the object to a class I've created (that way I can change the door color/texture whenever I want).

-select the glass objects and set them to by class then assign them to glazing clear or another glazing class you've created.


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