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Elevation Benchmarks (match to new Grid Line)



The new Grid Line tool works great. A similar tool that uses benchmarks in 3D with a "benchmark instances" option to get these elevations onto viewports and have them be "live" but referenced would be huge. Currently our workflow utilizes a symbol which is copied and pasted into each elevation and section viewport. In detail viewports, this requires a lot of double checking and potential for error.

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I love the new Grid Line tool too. I think it (and the new drawing label tool) are a sign of good things to come.


The way I achieve some of what you're talking about regarding levels is to produce my model at real-world levels (instead of z=0) and then use Elevation Benchmark tool on my viewports and use the "Y value relative to reference elevation" setting. This sets my elevations correctly automatically (as long as I locate the Elevation Benchmark object correctly on the viewport). It's not up to Grid Line tool capabilities but it saves you from writing them in manually. 


The main downside is that it uses your document units, in our case millimetres, but we always use metres for levels. The advantage of having this automated is so great though that I just use them in millimetres and expect that builders won't won't get the levels incorrect by hundreds of thousands of metres.

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