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Any advances towards fixing the resize tool?



I am once again asking about the resize tool.

This is the most awful, useless thing since the invention of square wheels.


All I want to do is select an object or several objects or a group, and scale proportionally in simple, logical fashion. 

I want to be able to just grab the tool and do it on the fly.


I don't want to have to go into a sub-menu and then carefully jump through several button clicks to do it  either if I don't need that precision.


Just grab it by corner or side handle,

Scale (holding SHIFT to ensure that everything in the selection stays exactly proportional unless I want it loose),





Trying to use it honestly makes me want to throw my computer across the room.  



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I had not noticed that "functionality" before. It appears that multiple selected objects that are horizontal/vertical are scaled together in Unrestricted Interactive Scaling while rotated objects (even with the same rotation) are scaled individually even if multiple objects are selected.  I am not sure if this is by design or is a bug. I will see what I can find out.


If you have time, it would be great if you could put a post in the Wishlist Forum describing how you think the Unrestriced Interactive Scaling mode should work. As much detail (including screen shots or movies if possible) would help in trying to get this on the radar for improvement.

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I agree that I've also been somewhat confused by this mode. So only unrotated objects can be scaled together? It almost makes this mode a bit useless. Grouping objects treats them like one object in which case the single object interactive scaling mode works.


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Actually Boh, I think you've just solved it for me.

I hadn't played with those functions, so the 'single' mode is fine enough for a group. 


Still seems unnecessarily complicated. The one tool should just do all this without having to go up to the corner and switch modes. 

Anyway, thanks!

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I've changed my mind again, sorry.


I just tried to use that 'under fire' and it totally failed.


Circles  + text ----> Grouped---> grab corner and scale... nope.    circles ended up halfway across the screen and text stayed where it was and still as small.




Text should scale just as much as an object, and everything should scale up in proportion and in relative position with everything else selected.

Why is this such a difficult concept for VW to get?


These things on screen are just THINGS.

Not sacred treaties to be individually negotiated according to specific cultural sensitivities.


Me: "Hey scale this stuff please when I drag out a corner of the box surrounding the things"

Adobe Illustrator (or ACAD): "Sure. Done."


VW: "Oh. Well... it's complicated. You see; green circles like to do this on a Tuesday but not on a Friday. Purple circles won't scale f you've eaten bacon for lunch but are fine with ham sandwiches for dinner.  Polylines will only scale if not rotated counter clockwise.  A square is not just a closed poly line, it's a whole separate species so it will scale but will jump across the screen out of sight and away from the group which you just carefully arranged. Text won't do anything because it only believes in obscure conspiracy theories and won't leave the house. Symbols refuse to speak to anyone except their therapist." 



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Things jumping around is not a problem I'm able to reproduce, nor one that I recall noticing as an issue with resizing at any point. So I wonder why that's happening for you.


Text not resizing I can kind of forgive... but mainly just because I don't usually use text in design layers and generally don't want it to resize. In the "scale objects" menu command there's a tick-box that allows you to decide whether text scales or not, but no such option for the resize tool, which does seem inconsistent.

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