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Retaining Walls



I have been racking my brains, looking all over the web, community forums, and VW U with no luck on creating a curving retaining wall that's one piece.  Retaining walls are essential elements for all landscape designers and there should be a very slick tool that accomplishes it quickly and efficiently.  I would also be pretty cool if you could incorporate the site modifier right into it.  The walls I see out there are ok but they look like foundation walls not landscape walls.  If such a tool and methods exist please publish something specifically about it.  If it exists please share.

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@Landartma I've been using 3Dpolygons on the Site-DTM class for my grade modifiers around retaining walls.

@Tamsin Slatter  has a couple of videos on how to use them - really handy for describing grades around a retaining wall.

You can set a discrete elevation for each point and can add, subtract, or modify by simply using the 'reshape tool'.


As for modeling, I've been going back and forth with extrudes (I hate that they are transparent in plan view), Slabs like @Tom W.  showed, or the wall tool. I don't tend to do curved walls so I've not much to add there.


I like that clean concrete look so I design with no batter (at least not on the front plane), but have occasionally used the 'Add 3D Object to Slab' command to get some old-school stone walls drawn up.

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Just got done with a training and received food for thought on the walls.  I will play with it once I have it down I will post results.  My season is upon me and I'll be back in the dirt most of the time so it might be a bit.  See you all soon.

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