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One of the reoccurring issues I have is with Site Modifiers, Hardscapes, Stake Objects and Grade Settings on objects pinning to the zero plane.  It looks like a matter of accuracy when applying the modifier.  How do you determine exactly what the source of the issue is here.  In this case I am trying to regrade the site using Edit Proposed Site Contours mode both site model contour mode and reshape mode.  keep getting these projections of grade from finished to 0 or in one case 2.33'.  Insights anyone?  Also excuse if my terminology is incorrect.  I'm figuring out how to do the grading.

Screenshot (28).png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Looks like you have an object at zero. Depends on what that object is and how it was placed. let me know what that object is.

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That's my issue I can't tell.  I started to play around with regrading the site and running topo lines into my wall.  When I hit exit proposed site model contours the whole thing goes crazy.  I'm thinking I am clicking on geometry on my 0 plane.  OIP says its the site model at 0 elevation.  Any idea how it might have gotten to zero and should it even snap to zero my minimum elevation setting is 95'10" with a datum elevation of 2'.

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