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Marionette - Summarizing results in a list

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Hello everyone,


I'm quite new to Marionette and I'm stuck within a network I'm trying to build.  I'm using an Objects By Criteria node to return a list that defined by a criteria I've set. The resulting list contains several items that pertain to the same criteria, but I want the list summarize and return only one instance of the different types of items that result from the criteria I've set (hope that makes sense, hard to describe). What I'm looking for is no different than when a database row in a worksheet returns items that match a criteria and then you can summarize  those values so that the result only shows a single summarized instance of the different items returned by the criteria. 


I've attached the network I'm working on, with a square drawn around the node that I'm trying to summarize/. I put a "remove Duplicates" node in but that has no result.


Thanks so much for your help!



Marionette Legend.vwx

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the <remove duplicate> node belongs behind the property that you do not want to have more than once. Or before the text to be written in the legend.


(die <remove duplicate> node gehört hinter die Eigenschaft, die Sie nicht mehrfach haben wollen. Beziehungsweise vor den  Text, der in die Legende geschrieben werden soll.)



M. Graf

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Hi Adrian,

welcome to the Marionette crowd!


As far as I can see the objects are secondary. What you are really after are the class names of those objects and of those class names you only want one of each.

If that is the case, this is really simple. The Remove Duplicates node will play a part in this. The first node after the Objs by Crit should be Get Class after which you connect the Remove Duplicates. Now you have a list of class names without duplicates. From there continue the network as you have it already.

Good job so far!





PS: Give the Set Class Extended a try. It will save you many nodes and make things more tidy.


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