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Change posters status name.



The status of ‘Greenhorn’ for forum posters is insulting and misleading. 

It implies the poster is an amateur and new to VWX


just because someone doesn’t post that often should not be taken to mean they are not experienced with the program.  
Recently in posting to the community I get replies that make an assumption I’m an amateur and respond accordingly. 


status could quite easily just be the number of years a poster has been using the program.
1 to 10+ would work. 

it’s insulting and needs to change please. 


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I agree completely.  The whole status level idea seems a little pointless to begin with.


In any event, and given the fact they're unlikely to change things, I'd recommend changing your signature to include the VW (or MiniCad) version you started with, so questions you post are more likely to be answered in an appropriate way.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

My understanding is that the designation is created by the commercial web service that we use, not Vectorworks, and has to do with how many posts that you've made on this forum, but I agree that the designation is distracting and misleading;



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@Hamo I don't form an opinion of people with low post counts or based on how long they have used the software, it's what they say that matters.  There are people here that started using VWX in 2020 that seem to know more than people who have been using it since the mincad days, so longevity of use doesn't matter either.

I do wonder about the folks who use a handle instead of their names though 😉  That being said, some of my favorite people to work with here on the forum are incognito greenhorns LOL.


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