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data manager - implementation of structural grid not possible



We have a problem using the data manager in Vectorworks 2021.

We can't implement the new structural grid tool in our 2020 data manager presets and actually my colleagues need the structural grid objects in the ifc-export.

However we want to use the new 2021 structural grid tool and now Vectorworks does limit us in our work...


1) open the file "rasterexportifc.vwx"

2) take a look at the grid objects

3) if you look in the oip-data-tab none of them does have en entry in the "ifcgridaxis entity"

4) when i now switch inside the datamanager from "document's settings" to "basic settings" (in german its called "Grundeinstellungen" so, I don't know the original english name) and...

5) get back to the drawing suddenly every structural grid object works fine.

6) however the datamanager settings look the same. 


the only difference between both settings ist, that the second one has been modified in visual studio code, in order to implement the new structural grid object inside the datamanager setting (which doesn't work in the datamanager - reason: the entity "IfcGridAxis" is not available in the datamanager = i can't add it for using it inside the grid object)


now my question, how can I modify my settings, that the grid objects work as well?


(I already hat contact with our local reseller ComputerWorks. The bug has been already posted in Jira, however, we want to work now and don't have the time to wait for a fix...)



 is a related post...)


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