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SET WS subrow value

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I've found a node that can get a subrow value (of a database row). Now I'm looking for a node that can SET a subrow value. Does it exist?


I've got a worksheet that counts symbols per space object. But I want the number to appear in a space label. Currently I use 2 WS to fix this: 1 WS that counts the symbols per space object and a second WS that just lists the space objects in which I manually type the symbol count (as shown in WS1) so it appears in the space label.


I was hoping that Marionette could automate this process for me.



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Hi Marissa,


Thanks for thinking along with me!


I'm using the no. of occupants field ('Space'.'11_Number of Occu'). I guess you'll need to grab both the 'count' and the object ID from a particular row and combine them in order to add the correct count to the correct space object? 


It also would be nice to recalculate the WS that counts the symbols. I guess for this action a node is also needed?







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