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Learning about storeys ?

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Anybody would publish a good tutorial about storeys?

It seems that nothing has been done about it in the VW university ressources.


I just know that some like and some dont, i would like to experiment that part i ignored since now, so a good optimistic tutorial would be very welcome!


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15 hours ago, JuanP said:

@line-weight good feedback, I will add the Storey terminology to our tagging system to avoid this issue in the future.


On a similar theme... I was watching a "stories" tutorial video recently where the presenter mentioned they had no idea what "ledge" was supposed to mean, in VW's default level names. I also had no idea, until by chance I watched a youtube video where someone was building something in a certain part of the US (I now forget where). And they happened to mention that "ledge" was the local terminology for what I'd call "bedrock".


I think there are a few odd naming conventions that have got baked into VW presumably because whoever advised at the time, used terms they were familiar with, not knowing it was a geographically localised one.


Certainly it's a bit annoying to me (in the UK) that all the standard tools use terms that don't at all match conventional UK construction terminology. First you have to work out how the tool works and then you have to work out what all the strange (to me) terms actually refer to.

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My understanding was that 'ledge' was an arbitrary term for Americans as well + didn't refer to anything specific. Just a catch-all term that you can use for defining (generally) where your bottom of cladding ends. Not sure why that would equate to 'bedrock'. Jon Pickup very sensibly renames 'Ledge' 'Bottom of Cladding'!


Like a lot of things in VW you seem often best to treat the built-in elements as suggestions of how you might approach things but in general you're best to wipe the slate clean + stamp your own identity on these things. 


Incidentally when I first saw it referred to I assumed 'Stories' referred literally to stories as in narrative description rather than floors of a building!!

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Ledge = 'a narrow horizontal surface projecting from a wall, cliff, or other surface.'


I just assumed the term was chosen because the general use of the ledge level was to define where the horizontal wall cladding ended, in a somewhat ledge-like manner:



But probably most times 'Bottom of Cladding' would be a better name. I guess 'Ledge' just keeps it open + non-specific. 

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