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Added Lighting Devices - Default Off in existing Viewports?


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I tend to draw a portion of a system to start and then get all my viewports set up for things.  I often will do say a 3D view of some type of a truss or something that is more just for visualization not really for "rendering".  I tend to just do these in a variant of open GL.  My understanding is open GL uses a max of 8 lighting devices and gives priority to the last 8 light objects.


My question is if there is a way when I add a new lighting device to a drawing to have the default on/off set to off for all existing viewports.


The reason being that if I already set up the look for a viewport and it is good but I add a light that may be on in a layer or class that already exists it appears to start factoring into the rendering of that viewport and depending on the quantity take priority over existing devices.


I feel like there is a setting for this I am missing but maybe not.  Anyone have a solution for this?




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Morning. I have done some digging this morning and I cannot see a way to do this. I see in the lighting Device plugin the default for 'turn on' is 100 so that when the instrument is placed it defaults to 'On'


I kind of like this behaviour because after insertion I can then focus the light, see the results and hen turn it off, but I understand sometimes you want to quickly add lights without immediately focusing them.


I will add this to the enhancement requests.


Meanwhile the visualisation palate has a selected viewport check box but understand that the workflow could be more efficient.




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I have been jumping back and forth between VW2019 and VW2021 lately and the Lighting Device defaulting to on in 2021 has been disrupting my workflow quite a bit (mostly because I'm not used to it after having them default to off for the last 10 years).  It would be lovely if it were a setting in the Spotlight Document Preferences.

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