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VW2021: 3dconnexion navigation considerably worse than in 2018


This is specifically about navigation in a 3d perspective OpenGL view, using a 3dconnexion wired Spacemouse Pro device.


It's not a problem with simple models. However, on two separate, relatively large/complex models drawn in VW2018 and imported to VW2021, I find that navigating them with the 3dconnexion device is considerably less smooth in VW2021 than it is in VW2018. There is a lot of jerking and stuttering.


Given that 2021 is supposed to have had various improvements to the graphics module since 2018, it's obviously rather disappointing that it produces a worse experience, using the exact same hardware and same file.


While I'm aware that problems might be arising from the 3dC device/driver, rather than Vectorworks, the only thing that has changed is Vectorworks. It produces good results with 2018 so why not 2021?


I'm wondering if there are any suggestions as to settings that I could try fiddling with - I think I've tried all the obvious ones.


And is it possible that it's connected with the files having been imported rather than originated and drawn in VW2021?

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I have done a bit more testing now to try and pin down the conditions under which I see this problem. The following might allow others to test whether they see similar.


SP3 for VW2021 solved a separate issue of the viewpoint suddenly jumping to miles away but I don't think it has resolved what I am seeing here.


I am now running VW2021 SP3, on Big Sur, on a new M1 mac mini. I have a 3dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro (wired type).

I believe that I start to see problems in the main VW window when I have also a floating view pane open on a second monitor. (Under these conditions, I see the same behaviour in the floating view pane)


The following screen recordings are all of a portion of the main VW window on the primary monitor. I have used a relatively large/complex file.


Test 1: OpenGL view in 'orthogonal' mode. Zoom in and out using 3dconnexion device pushing joystick forward and backwards.


First with no floating view pane active. It's not perfectly smooth but not bad:



Now with a floating view pane active on a second monitor (we are still looking at the main VW window though):


The stuttering I am seeing is visible around the 10 second mark as well as elsewhere.



Test 1: OpenGL view in 'normal perspective' mode. Zoom in and out using 3dconnexion device pushing joystick forward and backwards.


First with no floating view pane active. Again it's not perfectly smooth but the occasional stutter is not too bad:



And now with a floating view pane active on a secondary monitor (again, recording is still of the main VW window).


To me it's obvious that the stuttering is now considerably worse.

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