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Spotlight - Truss not rendering


Working on a truss structure of a stage is driving me nuts today. About half of the truss symbols I've inserted, won't show up in OpenGL or other rendering options, just in wireframe. They all come from the same default Eurotruss family in the resource browser. I've checked my class settings ofcourse, but they simply won't show up, unless I select them. 


Furthermore, only few of the truss objects show their nametags in plan mode. I know this has something to do with the auto connect function (which really often messes up complex structures as well), but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 


Can someone enlighten me on

- How I get all my trusses to actually show up in this render?

- How the h•ck do you connect complex corners without the auto connect function to go all funky with the angles and labels? 


Thank you in advance! 



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i have had the same rendering problems in vw21, no matter what servicepack.

in vw20 this works fine. 

also the problems with autoconnections are a part of vw21.

for me that too worked better in vw20...

can you switch back to vw20?

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Getting even weirder. Depending on the angle of a piece of truss, VW wil either show it or hide it. Default position: shows up. Roll it over 90*, it's gone. Turn it back 90*, shows up again. Viewing angles don't matter. Position does. 

Tried to edit the symbol of a circle truss piece, to see if there's something wrong in there. Exit symbol, circle truss pieces suddenly show up. 

Tried to recreate that with other truss symbols, nothing happens. 


Copied all truss to a new file, everything is visible. Copied it back to the original file, everything keeps being visible. Add a new part of truss, invisible. 


Shoot me please...

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