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IFC model imported into Revit obscured by ifcOpeningElement objects



I'm trying to coordinate with a Revit user via IFC and their import of my IFC2x3 model is being obscured by objects identifying as ifcOpeningElement. They're like large extrudes for the window and door openings. One of them is selected and highlighted in blue in this screenshot.


Whatever they are they shouldn't be visible. Any idea how to get rid of them? Either at my end or theirs.



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Bricscad does this too.

Kind of Boolean geometry for Wall Openings,

usually in Bricscad reside in a hidden Class, ahm, Layer in autocadish,



But if I am not wrong, Vectorworks IFC exports create those too ?

Or was it even Revit ?

I just thought this is also needed for IFC to define Openings (?)


And I think Revit hasn't really something like Layers,

but I expect it to have some way to globally hide such geometry (?)

Or to select and delete, if that will not lead to close the Openings

in Walls ...

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It just drove me nuts for the second time. Here the solution:


Revit 2021 > View > Visibility / Graphics

Tab: Model Categories

Expand Item: Generic Models

Switch off: IfcOpeningElement



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