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Carol Reznor

Railing/Fence Tool

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Is it possible to create a Report which counts the amount of Posts used in a Railing/Fence object.

I have tried to create a report that counts the Symbol (in the case a custom symbol is used for Post) - with no luck.

I also tried to see if there were records related to Post Postion - as the window that allows you to edit the posts does reproduce the amount of posts used... Also no such luck ūüôā


What also would be nice is a way to reproduce the name of the type of Railing/Fence used - the Symbolname used as can be found via Settings > General > General configuration


Kind regards


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As far as I understand it the Railing/Fence tool converts the post symbols to groups, so they are no longer symbols that can be counted.




If you make exactly one object in the post symbol be in a unique class, you can count the objects in that class.  As long as you look inside Plug-in objects you should be able to fake the post count that way.

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And I don't think anything in the settings menu is exposed to the railing/fence PIO record.  The only parameters I can figure out how to get in a worksheet are the parameters in the OIP plus the post height, height of the top rail, height point 1 & 2. And if you're using a symbol for the post, the post height and top rail height parameters are not very useful…




If you class the post, frame, and top rail in Settings > Attributes you can get some information - even when using rectangular posts.  I'll attach an example.  It probably only works on rectangular posts to get the length.  But you should be able to count them ok.


For frames it seems to report everything, top, bottom, middle, etc.


It also seems to group each segment of a railing/fence object.  So you have to criteria the groups out.




Counting Railing Posts.vwx

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Thank you Michael for putting your time into this useful feedback!
I had indeed made a post (as a unique symbol) and thought I would be able to count the symbols. Not ūüôā
The suggestion to put them in a separate class is something I had not considered. Thanks again!@michaelk 

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